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The Top 5 Reasons to Budget for Value Selling Tools

Posted by David Svigel on Sep 29, 2023 11:42:00 AM
David Svigel
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Blog 20230928 - Budget for Value Selling Tools

Staying relevant is a constant challenge in B2B marketing and sales. Successful leaders continuously explore innovative approaches that can significantly and positively impact lead acquisition in marketing and customer acquisition in sales. One such approach is to leverage value selling tools.

Understanding the Value of Value Selling

Before delving into the benefits of value selling tools, let's define what we mean by value selling.

“Value selling is quantifying the unique value of your product or service to buyers in terms that resonate with them, and communicating that value precisely when they need it in the sales cycle.”

This powerful approach can transform your lead acquisition and customer acquisition efforts with the following measurable benefits.

  1. Increased Lead Conversion Rates
    Imagine having the ability to strategically engage with potential customers throughout their buying journey and provide them with persuasive insights that nurture their interest! This is precisely what value selling tools offer. By identifying opportunities for ongoing conversation and collaboration, you can transform more inquiries into better, more valuable leads.

  2. Higher Average Selling Price
    Value selling tools, including ROI calculators, can reduce the need for price negotiations by quantifying the value and ROI delivered by your solution. Instead of resorting to discounts, your sales reps can focus on delivering value and establishing a price that benefits both the buyer and your organization.

  3. Better Close Ratio
    Meeting sales quotas often hinges on your ability to quantify the business value of your offering. By presenting buyers with a clear and concise business case, your sales reps can help buyers gain budget approval and persuade decision-makers to move forward with your solution.

  4. Shorter Sales Cycle
    B2B selling typically demands a lengthy, consultative approach. Value selling tools provide quick and easily accessible justification, effectively shortening the sales cycle. This means you can focus on closing more deals to drive revenue growth.

  5. Accelerated Decision Making
    Dealing with indecisive customers can be frustrating. Value selling tools can calculate the substantial cost of indecision, compelling customers to take action. Create a sense of urgency and persuade those on the fence that it's more cost-effective to address their problem with your solution.

Seeing is believing. When it comes to value selling tools, the power lies in helping customers see things differently. You can customize these tools to reflect your offering’s unique value for each customer, thus enhancing your credibility and accuracy.

It's no secret that sellers with a solid business case often emerge victorious in competitive scenarios. Value selling tools are instrumental in building that case.

The Remarkable Benefits of a Value Calculator

Nothing makes the case for change better than showing decision makers the red ink on their bottom line. A value calculator is a low pressure but highly effective tool for clarifying that all the red is caused by a problem that your product or service can solve.

Here are the amazing advantages a value calculator provides and how it can qualify, convert, and nurture leads while helping you put together a highly targeted campaign to win the buyer’s business.

  • Pinpoints Financial Benefits | Offers a non-gated evaluation of the financial benefits of your solution, making it highly attractive to prospects.
  • Increases Lead Conversions | Encourages quick engagement, providing customized insights that prospects are willing to exchange their information for.
  • Emphasizes Value over Price | Quantifies lost value so you can steer conversations away from pricing and focus instead on the actual problem and bottom-line impact.
  • Delivers Highly Qualified Leads | Identifies leads genuinely interested in the problems you can solve, saving time and effort.
  • Builds a Business Case | Captures advance information so you can develop a winning value proposition and build a solid foundation for your business case.
  • Establishes Trust | Ensures buyers have ownership of the numbers, enhancing trust in your calculations and your company.
  • Identifies the Right Solution | Offers insights into the buyer's pain points, aiding in selecting the most suitable solution.
  • Works Across Channels | Increases solution awareness by being available on various platforms like your website and social media.


Value selling tools are invaluable assets in your B2B marketing and sales toolkit. They not only drive lead acquisition, but contribute to building trust, delivering value, and ultimately winning over customers. In a constantly changing landscape, embracing value selling tools can make all the difference in your B2B marketing and sales success.

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