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Win Competitive Deals with the TCO Tool

Win More Deals, Shorten the Sales Cycle, and Overcome Price Objections

The TCO Tool provides a simple way to show buyers the benefits and costs of your solution versus a competitor’s solution to help you win you more deals, shorten the sales cycle, and alleviate price objections.


TCO Tool

Increase Sales Close Ratio

The TCO Tool compares your solution’s value drivers and costs against competing solutions. You will close more deals when you focus buyers on the lifetime net value advantage of your solution.

Shorten the Sales Cycle

Buyers delay purchasing decisions when there are competing views. The TCO Tool enables you to clearly present the benefits and costs to install, deploy, operate, upgrade, and maintain your solution versus an alternative approach. This comparison helps buyers objectively evaluate alternatives and make the best business decision.

Overcome Price Objections

Buyers too often focus on the initial purchase price, overlooking other costs and benefits. The TCO Tool changes the buyer’s focus to your solution’s lifetime net value advantage and reduces the need to discount price.

Save Time

Spreadsheets are not conducive to preparing a TCO analysis and require manual updates as situations change. The TCO Tool provides simple version control and easily presents the comparison in a compelling PDF or PowerPoint format.

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