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Martin Salva

Martin Salva
Martin Salva is the former Chief Procurement Officer at CUNA Mutual Insurance in Madison WI and a former senior purchasing leader at the Ford Motor Company and at Capital One. Currently, as Managing Director of Timber Lane Advisors, LLC, Martin leads his own strategy and procurement consulting business and advises clients in a range of industries in the North American market.
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How to Keep Procurement from Blocking the Sales Process

Quite often, the procurement department (also called purchasing or supply management) is seen as an obstacle, if not an outright enemy, to the selling process. After all, these are the people hired to say “no” and make the selling effort (and the internal client’s buying decision) more difficult, rigorous, and objective.

From the salesperson’s perspective, it usually seems as if procurement’s job is to shut down or redirect the customer’s buying effort into some other supplier or process different from the product or service you are trying to sell. Therefore, in sales, procurement is more often the problem rather than the solution. 

However, value selling can change that relationship and streamline your sales process.