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10 Amazing Benefits of Value Calculators

Posted by David Svigel on Nov 29, 2016 2:03:09 PM
David Svigel
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Benefits of Value Calculators

Nothing better makes the case for change in front of decision makers than showing the red ink on your buyer’s bottom line. A value calculator is a highly effective tool for displaying all of that red and identifying that it’s caused by a problem your product or service can solve.

A value calculator is a low pressure but highly effective tool to convert and nurture leads while helping you put together a highly targeted campaign to win the buyer’s business.

Here are the amazing benefits it provides and how it can qualify leads while building trust.

10 Benefits of a Value Calculator


1. Pinpoints financial benefits.

The value calculator provides a non-gated evaluation and demonstration of the financial benefits of your solution.

2. Increases lead conversions.

Unlike more traditional offers, it helps you generate stronger click-through and response rates because your message is customized.

It increases lead conversion by encouraging quick engagement. The report is more attractive than generic content, therefore, the prospect is more willing to give up information in exchange for it.

3. Emphasizes value over price.

Avoid the “price discussion" too early in the process by quantifying lost value and showing the prospect how big the problem is. This will reveal underlying processes and business issues that require attention. You can speak directly to the bottom line.

4. Qualifies leads.

Improve lead nurturing by providing important information about specific problems and encourages leads at the top of the funnel to move along the qualification spectrum.

5. Builds a business case.

With advance information, you can develop a winning value proposition and begin to build the solid foundations of your business case.

6. Delivers highly qualified leads.

A Value Calculator delivers more highly qualified leads than a white paper download; it identifies leads who demonstrate an interest in a problem you can solve. You can stop chasing unqualified leads and spend time in conversation with serious buyers.

7. Establishes trust.

Give the buyer ownership of the numbers, making them more believable. Establish trust in the calculations and therefore your company.

8. Identifies the right solution.

Gain specific insights about the buyer’s pain points to help identify the most appropriate solution.

9. Optimizes pricing.

Analyze users’ data to optimize pricing, target new markets and prioritize new product features.

10. Works across channels.

Build solution awareness by making the Value Calculator available across multiple channels such as your website, social media networks, and email.

A value calculator provides a wealth of information about your buyers without expending excess time and effort to acquire it. You are giving your prospects customized information that applies directly to them and their problem, including a salient solution.

Ultimately, value calculators are too valuable to ignore.

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