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Success Story: Value Calculator Boosts B2B Sales with Solid Business Case

Posted by Darrin Fleming on Sep 12, 2023 11:47:00 AM
Darrin Fleming

Blog 20230912 - Vitori Case Study

Successful organizations use value selling tools to show the financial impact of their product or service. At Vitori Health, a value calculator estimates potential employer savings and helps build a solid business case that emphasizes the economic advantages of their modern employee health plan.

David Blanchard, Vitori’s chief revenue officer, says the tool is easy to use and “adds a powerful new dimension to the sales process.” The Vitori value calculator has been enthusiastically adopted by Vitori’s direct sales team, generating more leads than all other gated assets combined and with the highest conversion rate.

Value calculators and ROI tools are ideal for organizations that want to simplify sales and provide a persuasive business case populated with customer data and real-world savings achieved by others. This strategy has helped Vitori strengthen its position as an industry leader and fuel sales growth.


Value selling tools can be leveraged by any B2B organization to move customers through the sales funnel. Read more to discover how Vitori Health uses these tools to enrich its sales process and drive top line growth.

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