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Curtis Fisher


Curtis is an Enterprise & Cloud Architect, a Security Specialist and Developer, and an evangelist for many different causes related to technology. His inclusive view of how we use technology to further our businesses and lifestyles is an approach technologists and business people appreciate and admire.

His 30+ years of experiences straddle business, engineering and high technology worlds. Beginning with Defensive Radar Systems testing at Edwards Air Force base where he managed a team of Electronic Warfare Scenario Specialists he then entered the civilian Process Automation markets for Manufacturing and Energy where he architected Stationary Carbon Emissions monitoring and reporting systems in the Central Valley of California. From there he worked for Deloitte and Touche in Medical Sales Multi-media in Kansas City where the next step moved him to the Technical Education sector with Sybase as an Educator and the Product Manager over Next-Gen eLearning. After 9/11 the journey turned to Nuclear Materials Management for the DOE and Multi-modal Logistics for a startup of Yellow Freight. Starting his own firm, he then tackled New York Digital Advertising & Analytics and Mobile App Development Platforms in the Amazon cloud. Beginning in 2012, his company was instrumental in establishing the ROI Selling infrastructure in the AWS Cloud and has been an integral part of our growth to date.

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