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Bruce Scheer


Bruce Scheer is President of FutureSight, and has over 20 years of business management and consulting experience. He brings unique and insightful perspectives to client engagements that reflect his passions for technology and strategic marketing and sales enablement. With confidence, optimism and a sense of urgency, Bruce enjoys helping global IT services, software, hardware, and professional services organizations achieve marketing success and great business results.

Bruce takes a holistic approach to developing highly-effective market strategies. After analyzing internal perspectives and outside influences, he helps organizations deliver breakthrough messaging executed through high impact campaigns and rapid sales enablement that can truly impact their business. His specialties include market opportunity analysis; definition and customer segmentation; business planning and financial model development; positioning and messaging development; market research and validation; partner and customer engagement strategies; digital marketing strategies; integrated campaign development; and business value selling.

Before founding FutureSight, Bruce held executive positions in consulting firms and in industry across North America and Asia. He also served as Vice President and West Coast Office Director for MSI Consulting, where he worked with industry-leading clients to identify strategic market opportunities and develop go-to-market campaigns for new products and services.

A noted author and speaker, Bruce is available to share his expertise on a wide range of business topics, including the business value of IT, and selling and marketing based on ROI. He earned an MBA in International Marketing at the University of Oregon, and continued learning at Cornell, University of Copenhagen, UC Berkeley, and University of Michigan. Bruce is currently based in Vashon Island, Washington.

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