Just How Much Can You Benefit from Value Selling Tools?

Posted by Darrin Fleming on Jul 27, 2018 11:35:00 AM
Darrin Fleming
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How Much Benefit

Our recent blog post, "How to Boost Sales Results with Business Value Conversations" includes some telling statistics about achieving sales success by presenting and discussing your solution’s value proposition with your customers. More importantly though, how do you define the value your organization can expect to receive from adopting a value selling approach?

We have an easy way for you to figure it out. Make value tangible by test driving our value selling tools. This hands-on approach will help you appreciate how these types of tools can streamline your sales process, improve customer satisfaction, and of course, increase sales to new and existing customers.

Can You Benefit From Value Selling Tools?

Every product has its own unique value that is best communicated to buyers in specific terms, at specific points in the sales cycle. Let’s quickly review the high-level benefits provided by value selling tools. Then you can determine how you might incorporate them into your processes for maximum impact.

  • Increased Lead Conversion Rates
    Value selling tools help you strategically engage with customers throughout the buying process, and provide persuasive insights that nurture their interest. What opportunities for ongoing conversation and collaboration can you create to turn more inquiries into leads?

  • Higher Average Selling Price

    An ROI tool reduces the likelihood of negotiating based on price by quantifying the value and ROI delivered by your solution. Instead of discounting your market price, sales reps can eliminate options that have less value to the customer to arrive at a desirable price for both buyer and seller. Are your reps offering discounts just to make the sale? How can you help them shift the conversation from cost to value?

  • Higher Close Ratio

    The ability to meet sales quotas often hinges on how well reps can quantify business value. By presenting a clear and concise business case, reps can help buyers gain budget approval and persuade decision makers to move forward with the project. How well are you providing this vital information, if at all? Do your reps provide the financial justification for your solution every time they send out a proposal?

  • Shorter Sales Cycle

    B2B selling often requires a lengthy, consultative approach that demands continued conversation and justification. Value selling tools provide this justification quickly, easily, and on demand. And by shortening the sales cycle, you can focus on more deals to grow more revenue. Where does your sales process get bogged down? Would accurately calculating the value of your solution accelerate decision-making?

  • Urgent Decision Making

    Dawdling customers can be incredibly frustrating, especially when months of conversations result in a “not now” decision. Value tools can calculate the considerable cost of indecision. How can you persuade customers sitting on the fence that it’s more cost effective to fix their problem with your solution? What’s your current approach to creating a sense of urgency to move forward?

Test Drive the Tools to Prove their Value

In our experience, seeing is believing. And when it comes to value selling tools, we believe the power is in helping customers see things differently.

We encourage you to explore the possibilities and experience how they can help your sales team close more sales. ROI Selling tools should be configured to reflect the unique aspects of how you do business. Options should be tailored to your company and products, and leveraging industry benchmarks can add credibility and accuracy that will inspire confidence in your customers.

Click here to begin populating the sample tool with the information that makes sense for you. This core data can feed into individual tools to speed setup and ensure consistency among tools. That said, you should have the flexibility to adjust any inputs, in order for whatever tool you are using to accurately convey solution value.


It’s no secret that the majority of wins in competitive situations go to sellers with a solid business case. Value selling tools are instrumental to building that case and helping buyers determine the value of your solution.

Take advantage of this opportunity to enter your data into our ROI tool, and see for yourself whether value selling makes sense for your business.  

Sample the ROI tool from ROI-Selling.com