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3 B2B Marketing Tips to Help Sales Win More Deals

Posted by Darrin Fleming on Dec 20, 2017 11:31:00 AM
Darrin Fleming

Tips to Help Sales Win More Deals.jpgB2B marketing advice can be found everywhere, but some of it is outdated and misguided when it comes to achieving its most important goal -- closing the sale. Today’s B2B marketing approach requires attention to three critical certainties in order to improve sales revenue.

1. Focusing on the Buyers’ Problems

Ideally, product or solution development shouldn’t begin until the buyers’ business problems are fully understood. And this understanding needs to recognize what buyers should want rather than what is familiar to them. Innovative marketers succeed because they take their vision and test it against reality before moving forward. Even after product launch, marketers need to continually evaluate customer requests to uncover areas of differentiation that solve buyers’ problems.

2. Delivering Compelling Content

As buyers continue to research B2B purchasing decisions online, they are opting for shorter, more interactive content. According to the 2017 Content Preferences Survey Report, one-third of buyers strongly agreed that they “have less time to devote to reading/research,” which is a 100 percent increase as compared to last year’s report. Benchmarking content, allowing buyers to identify and size their problems and compare themselves against peers, remains popular.

Buyers are researching how others have solved similar problems. The same report states that “assessments, case studies and ROI calculators [were] cited as key for benchmarking among buyers.”  Successful marketers are those providing on-demand, mobile-optimized content that intersects with the buyers’ desire for interactive, educational content.

3. Providing Financial Justification

Once marketers understand the buyers’ problems and have helped buyers measure the magnitude of their problems, the final progression is to show buyers the benefit of solving those problems. When selling complex solutions, a business case is almost always required. This financial justification enables buyers to obtain internal budget approval. It also helps the sales team focus on the offering’s value rather than price, and close deals faster.


B2B marketing continues to evolve, shaped by changing buyer preferences and new technology-driven tools. Top marketing leaders are adaptive, blending these dynamic forces while not losing sight of the problems they are solving, how they communicate their message, and providing buyers with the financial justification for their solutions.

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