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15 Perks of Assessment Tools

Posted by David Svigel on Nov 1, 2016 9:00:00 AM
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perks of assessment tools

Someone performs a search using keywords that lead them to your website. Maybe the prospect scans the page, clicks on a couple of products or services, and then leaves without giving you any information.

Or maybe the prospect fills out a form, but when you make contact, you learn early in the first conversation that the prospect doesn’t know your company or your solution isn't appropriate.

What if you had an easy way to get those same prospects to stay on your site longer while learning more about their problem? 

Enter assessment tools.

Here are 15 perks of these interactive online tools and why you should leverage one on your own website. 

The Many Perks of Assessment Tools 

From the top to the bottom of the funnel, assessment tools can offer you and your prospects a host of benefits.


  1. Create demand
  1. Generate, qualify, and convert more leads. 
  1. Collect data about your prospects’ demographics. 
  1. Assist sales representatives when talking to prospects.
  1. Create awareness of prospects’ performance gaps.
  1. Help prospects clarify their problems. 
  1. Help prospects assess potential solutions. 
  1. Allow prospects to benchmark themselves against industry best practices.
  1. Allow leads to self-qualify, leaving your sales force free to follow up on only the most promising prospects. 
  1. Gather data so you can create better products for each segment of your target market.
  1. Help you learn precisely where and how to enhance your value proposition by monitoring prospects’ results. 
  1. Cut through the clutter of online marketing to capture and keep the attention of your prospects. 
  1. Give you more time to show prospects the value of your products.
  1. Deepen your relationships with prospects.
  1. Can be used in combination with an ROI tool to provide a solid business case and justification for your prospects’ buying and finance teams.


An investment in an assessment tool is returned many times over. 

As noted above, they can be used at the top of the funnel to help prospects clarify their problems and assess potential solutions, and they can also be used at the bottom of the funnel to help create a vision of a better future with your solution.

Ultimately, assessment tools enable sales based purely on value.

Try one now.

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