Why is a Business Case Better than a Demo?

What is a sure way to lose a sale? Give a demo before you know what the prospect needs.

We get it. Demos are easy. Demos are sexy. But did you notice that demo is a four letter word? Like many four letter words, you need to know when to use it for greatest effect. 

Demos aren’t effective sales drivers when they’re deployed at the wrong place in the sales cycle. That’s because before you demonstrate your product or service, you must fully understand the business problem your prospect needs to solve. 

How to Manage Consensus Buying Decisions

No longer can a single executive make buying decisions on behalf of the entire company. According to a survey by CEBGlobal, the average number of people required to make a B2B purchase has risen to 5.4.  

As a seller, you need to convince more than five people, all with different agendas and priorities, that your solution is the one to buy. You also need to keep in mind that each of those 5.4 people can have veto power over organizational purchases. 

Consensus is not built easily; it typically requires someone to bring the factions together, a facilitator, if you will. That facilitator must be you, the sales executive. 

What To Do When Decision Makers Ask Tough Questions

Decision makers can and will ask tough questions. Sometimes those questions can catch  you off guard, BUT only if you’re unprepared.

The savvy sales team knows these questions will come up as the sale progresses; they also know what to say before and when (not if) these questions are asked.

Here are four tough questions and statements decision makers can present as you move to close the deal, and suggestions for responding effectively.

3 Things Sales Teams Must Do to Increase Sales Performance

It’s more important than ever to ensure your salespeople have the tools and training needed to focus on selling value over features. Today's customers are better informed because the buyer education process has changed. Buyers have more information at their disposal, and you aren't in control of everything published about your company and solution.

Customers are overwhelmed with choices, and the sales playing field is more complex. You need to help buyers understand the magnitude of their problems and how your specific solution fits their unique needs. 

How to Defend a High ROI in a Business Case

“That ROI is way too high. It can’t possibly be right.”

Have you heard this from a customer?

At this point, do you:

  1. Reduce your value estimates to lower the ROI, or
  2. Go through the calculations with the customer to prove the business case?

The correct answer, of course, is number two

Why You Should Use Your CRM & Sales Tools Separately

I would like to take a moment to consider the wisdom of using your CRM software as a presentation solution for your sales tools. Doing so risks the accidental exposure of proprietary information, which could damage the sale.

I believe you would be better served by using your sales tools as a separate application to present data to prevent this type of error in front of a potential buyer.

Are Your Sales & Marketing Tools Secure against a Data Breach?

Data breaches have become one of the biggest threats to the health of a business. Recent data breaches in which thousands of records containing personal and financial customer data have headlined with news organizations across the United States and around the world.

Here’s how such breaches can impact a business and how you can protect yours against cyber attacks.

How Value Selling Tools Strengthen Sales Techniques

How many sales techniques and methods have you trained in, read about, or considered for your sales team? There are lots of them out there, each purporting to help you get in there and lock down that sale.

Recently, I ran across a review of well-known sales methodologies for closing complex sales by David Peralta, the content marketing manager at iSEEit. He talks about several methods into which I believe value selling tools would neatly fit.

Read on for an overview of six sales methods from Mr. Peralta’s guide and how value selling tools and calculators can enhance these practices. 

How to Coach Sales Reps to Avoid Price Discounting

Have you noticed your average sale price dropping?

Maybe it’s because your salespeople are too quick to offer customers a discount when they’re challenged about price. As their manager, it’s up to you to coach your sales reps on techniques to avoid the price discussion altogether or at least delay it until the full value of your solution has been presented.

Here are three tips to help you coach your sales reps in techniques that will help them avoid price discounting and the price discussion altogether. 

How to Use Value Selling Tools to Win Over the Data Driven Buyer

The data driven buyer is the one who makes decisions based on concrete metrics and financial arguments rather than something that seems fuzzy, like an improved user interface or a list of features. This buyer wants to have a firm basis from which to choose the solution with the best value expressed in dollar signs or productivity numbers. 

When it comes to winning over this type of buyer, assessment tools, Value Calculators, and ROI Tools contribute the information he or she craves. In turn, these tools provide your sales representatives with the data they need to clinch the sale.