How to Use a Value Proposition to Achieve Business Growth

Whenever I hear someone talk about finding his or her unique selling point, the hair on the back of my neck stands on end. If you are in complex B2B selling, you should not waste your time looking for a unique selling point.

Instead, you need to know your value proposition, which includes all the unique things you do.

As you build your approach to a particular potential buyer, you will use the unique thing you do that appeals to that particular buyer to build your value proposition. For another buyer, a different unique offering may be more suitable; you would then build your value proposition for this new buyer with a different unique offering. 

4 Steps to Help Fill Your Value Selling Toolbox

Buyers tend to take the same journey every time they make a high-commitment purchase. They realize there is a problem and begin researching potential solutions. Unfortunately, they are not always methodical in their search. 

As a value-seller, there are tools you can use to help steer them in the right direction. Even though today's buyers have gone further into the sales cycle before contacting you, some of these tools are meant to help prospective customers before they signal their readiness for a sales contact. 

Other tools help your sales representatives build a convincing business case to take to the financial decision makers. Whatever the situation, here are four steps to help you fill your value selling toolbox.

Top 7 ROI Selling Tips of 2016

We’ve shared a lot of great advice this year, and in case you missed it, we wanted to present you with the highlights.

Here are our top seven ROI selling tips of 2016 and how to apply them to your own business.

9 Winning Reasons to Use a TCO Tool

Just when you think you have clinched the sale, the buyer springs a competitor on you, or someone inside the buyer’s company is suddenly suggesting an alternative method.

Either way, you need to prove your solution is the better buy, worth more in value and benefits than the unwelcome newcomer. Nothing does this better than showing the finance people how the total cost of ownership outshines that of the interloper. 

Check out these nine amazing benefits of a TCO tool that can help take you the final distance to win the deal. 

How to Quantify the Buyer's Problem Using an ROI Tool

Ah, the good, old days; the days when you could approach a prospect with a list of all the great features your solution had. Maybe you added a little about the benefit of each feature.

The economy was good and had been good for a while; it wasn’t hard to get a signature on a purchase contract without having to do anything more than make it sound like it saved effort or increased throughput. 

Suddenly, the economy went south for an extended stay and businesses became frugal. It wasn’t enough to show how fast an employee could perform a process with your solution; you had to find a way to convince your prospect that your solution would be worth the amount you were charging.

10 Amazing Benefits of Value Calculators

Nothing is more convincing than demonstrating red ink on your buyer’s bottom line.

Business owners pay close attention to tools and reports that show what is causing those negative numbers. A Value Calculator is a highly effective tool for displaying all of that red and identifying that it’s caused by a problem your product or service can solve.

A Value Calculator is a low pressure but highly effective tool to convert and nurture leads while helping you put together a highly targeted campaign to win the buyer’s business.

Here are the amazing benefits it provides and how it can qualify leads while building trust.

What to Do with Prospects Only Interested in Price Discounting

Discounting the price of your product or service may seem like a fast and easy way to close a deal, but in the long run, you will literally be selling your company short.

It’s easy enough to see how price discounting can get started:

  • It’s the end of the quarter and the sales team needs to meet their goals.
  • The economy within the industry is trending downward, and sales have been sluggish for too long.
  • There is a component of your sales rep’s compensation that inadvertently rewards discounting.
  • Your competitor is offering discounts, and you think you need to match prices to keep your customers. 

How to Deal with Prospects Who Only Focus On Price

Most of your prospects will focus on price once they think they have found a product or service that will meet their needs.

It’s normal to want to know how much something will cost. However, it’s best to avoid responding directly to this question until you have established the problem and the value of solving that problem.

15 Perks of Assessment Tools

Someone performs a search using keywords that lead them to your website. Maybe the prospect scans the page, clicks on a couple of products or services, and then leaves without giving you any information.

Or maybe the prospect fills out a form, but when you make contact, you learn early in the first conversation that the prospect doesn’t know your company or your solution isn't appropriate.

What if you had an easy way to get those same prospects to stay on your site longer while learning more about their problem? 

How a Portfolio Tool Fuels Account Based Sales & Marketing

If you are a value seller with more than one product or service to offer your prospects, you are calculating an ROI for each offering as a stand-alone. What if you were able to aggregate the ROI calculations into a package that shows the total impact of your products on the prospect’s business?