Innovative Benchmarking for Outstanding Trade Show Value

The Vision: You and your team exhibit at an important trade show, you schedule and have lots of quality meetings with customers and prospects, and generate lots of new business.

Value Selling Drives Big Results for Small Tech

Small B2B technology companies face the same challenges as businesses of every other size: cash flow, marketing, talent management, execution, access to capital, and more. But they are uniquely tested when it comes to growing sales.

How to Make Every Sales Rep a Challenger

I’ve been reading the now-classic business book, “The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation" by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson. As I continue to read, it’s becoming increasingly clear to me that value selling can help every sales rep perform like a Challenger by helping them adopt the complementary attributes that make up the profile of this likely sales leader.

New Value Selling Strategies for Complex Deals

Some deals are simple, like selling a solitary product to a single buyer. Other deals can be more involved with offerings that include multiple products, phased timelines, and deployments for multiple departments, locations, or processes across an enterprise.

Sell the Problem You Solve, Not the Product You Have

ROI Selling recently spoke with Mike Serulneck, an accomplished Value Engineer who has successfully developed and managed Business Value Engineering and sales proposal teams at Tier 1 technology companies. During his conversation with ROI Selling’s David Svigel and Patty Baumgardner, Mike shared his experience using value selling methodologies to sell technology solutions, as well as his perspective on how value selling has changed over the last decade.

Philosophy of  Value Selling

What Can Aristotle Teach Us About Value Selling?

Value selling? Aristotle? The link between one of the greatest thinkers of the Western world and value-based sales processes is stronger than you would think!

3 B2B Marketing Tips to Help Sales Win More Deals

B2B marketing advice can be found everywhere, but some of it is outdated and misguided when it comes to achieving its most important goal -- closing the sale. Today’s B2B marketing approach requires attention to three critical certainties in order to improve sales revenue.

How to Communicate Value to Customers: The IQS Story

Your ability to help B2B buyers understand the value you provide can make or break the sale.  In some cases, as with our client IQS, that means communicating the ways in which the prospect or customer is losing money so that the buyer understands the potential of the solution.

Knowing Your Buyers' Perspective Improves Results

Many deals are lost to competitors or labeled “No Decision” because the sales team didn’t fully understand and properly respond to the buyer’s evaluation criteria. The criteria I’m suggesting is what the buyer is comparing your offer against. 

How to Talk About Value in Your Prospect’s Language

I’m sure many of us have been in meetings where the executives in attendance quickly lose interest. Either they start checking their phones or, worse yet for the speaker, they abruptly end the meeting. Why does this happen? One of the main reasons is that not everyone is speaking the same language.